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Hawthorne Jazz Band students in rows ready to perform

The Hawthorne Middle School Band was awarded the Peter R. Mashall Grant earlier this year. It is only awarded to 250 music teachers in the nation and our band was lucky enough to be granted the chance. According to the grant website: "This Middle School Music Grant Program supports the efforts of teachers to lead their students to a fruitful life of behavioral kindness and emotional wellness by nurturing empathy and compassion through community service. Additionally, the Grant provides funds directly to music teachers for the enhancement of their music education program."

Last week, our Hawthorne Jazz Band students went out to visit several centers to bring music, energy, and compassion. Students had the chance to not only perform but to visit with the residents who were gracious to give their time. Students were asked to reflect upon the importance of their visit and this is what they had to say. 


1.  "I think they were extremely important to them, music has a way of lifting people's spirits and making them think about the good times they share with one another which has always made the music special for everyone, but for these people who have been basically trapped in a prison with the rise of the pandemic, it makes it all the more special."

2. "I think our performances were great for the residents. In the first performance we did at Grace, I saw some people kind of moving and dancing. It looked like they were feeling the vibe. I think it made them happy and glad to hear music from wonderful kids and socialize with them afterward."

3. "I think that, without the performances, their life would just stay in a consistent pattern laid out for them. The performances, however, could have inspired creativity and excitement for them."

4. "I think that it was very nice to them because they have had no interactions with anyone since covid so being able to listen to us play was probably very important to them."

"Since the COVID lockdowns, many of our senior citizens living in these communities have been left in isolation and have been feeling left behind in the world. Hopefully, with the gift of music and participation, our students can help our senior citizens feel less isolated and alone. Music can do so much for the soul," Mrs. Petrella stated, "I would say that we definitely had the chance to do some amazing things for our senior citizen residents and, in turn, for our students as well. I am grateful for such a wonderful community and amazing students. They performed so well and I am so proud of them."


Congratulations to our Hawthorne Band students for giving back to our community and to the centers who were gracious to host our band students, thank you for the opportunity!

Female student standing beside her display at the "Celebration of Me" project fair

Hawthorne Middle School students had the opportunity to share what makes them unique through the "Celebration of Me" project. The goal of this project is to celebrate the culture and family heritage of each student. The culminating activity is a display or presentation, created by each student, celebrating him/her. Students had the opportunity to create their projects for a "science fair" like judging. The judges were Superintendent, Dr. Douglas Howell, a representative from the Mayor's office, and a representative from the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe. Thank you to all students who participated as together, we celebrate the uniqueness that our students have here at Hawthorne Middle School! 

HMS Log. A cartoon hawk standing next to two green mountains with the letter H in white carved in them

On May 3rd, All-City Track took place at Lookout Stadium. Many athletes participated and several of our amazing students rose to the challenge and placed in several events. We would like to take a moment to congratulate them with their placement in this fantastic Cross-District event! Amazing work athletes! 


8th Grade Track Athletes 2023
Student Event  Placement  
Mateus Allmod 800 3rd place

Mateus Allmond, Vito Arnold,

Carter Brown

Medley Relay 3rd place
Aaron Shreve

Shot Put


2nd place

1st place

Ezra Haward Discus 2nd place
London Mechling

100 M Hurdle

High Jump

Long Jump

1st place

1st place

2nd place

Lena Hunt 300 M Hurdle 2nd place


7th Grade Athletes
Student Event  Placement  
Kekoaokalani Hunt 110 M Hurdle 3rd place

Easton Hughes

200 M Hurdle  2nd place
Ruben Schiess

Shot Put

2nd place

Ethan McKee High Jump 2nd place
Paislee Teeples

Triple Jump

1st place

Molli Broadhead 200 M Sprint 1st place
Adyln Campbell High Jump 1st place
Brooke Hauser

200 M Hurdle

Long Jump

2nd place

2nd place

Gretyl Carlsen 800 M 3rd place
Madison Lusk Shot Put 3rd place

Mollie Broadhead, Tessa Grove,

Paislee Teeples, Adelyn Campbell

4 x 100 2nd place


6th Grade Athletes
Student Event  Placement  
Dexter Aplington

800 M

400 M

1st place

2nd place

Seth Felker

200 M 2nd place

Hayden Lawver, Colesen Lunceford,

Michael Gonzalez, Seth Felker

4 x 100

3rd place

Ayden Seal 200 M 3rd place
Issac Jablonski

Shot Put

3rd place

Easton Wilde Discus 3rd place
Aubrey Dye

800 M


1600 M

2nd place

2nd place

3rd place

Aubrey Dye, Jianna Wilkinson,

Lexi Wakefield, Amity Frias

4 x 200 3rd place


group photo of students at Bowman Farm sitting on a park picnic table

The Hawthorne Middle School Garden club went on a trip to Bowman Farms to see how the process that organic produce is grown, harvested and cared for. Students had an amazing time learning what goes into the process of making food for the local populace. This is what the students had to say about their experience.

“We went to Bowman farms, a farm that grows food for our community. They had a wide variety of plants, and we got to taste them. We learned a lot about the process of growing plants and why they are important. The farm owners, Matthew and Charelle say that they enjoy farming because they like to know where their food that they eat comes from.” -Emilee Carr

“I learned that it takes time to get work done, and you can’t just accomplish everything in one day.” - Soliscity Daves

“We learned how to tell between a male and a female plant on a squash vine.” - Jackson Lyon

“It was fun. We learned a lot about farm life.”-Kylie Knudsen

“Raw onions from the ground are not very tasty. I tried one myself, and it was not very pleasant.” Dezara Stoddart

HMS garden club students attending a lesson at Bowman Farms
Group photo of students at Bowman Farms


student hands holding 3 maize samples showing different colors of yellow,purple, and red
Green box with "Infinite Campus" in white. Orange arrow box pointing left wrapped underneath with Parent Portal in white

PCSD 25 Families: With recent bus route closures and the upcoming snow season, now is a great time to make sure that you are signed up for Infinite Campus notifications. In addition to emergency notifications, Infinite Campus is the best way to monitor your child’s progress throughout the school year.

PCSD 25 parents/guardians can log into the Campus Parent Portal and stay engaged with information at your fingertips throughout the school year. Other family favorites include:

Access to student grades

Review attendance and absences

Monitor assignments due or upcoming exams

Notifications for school/district announcements/emergency closures

Lunchroom information

To download the Campus Parent Portal app on your mobile phone, visit the App or Play Store on your mobile device and search for “campus parent portal.” If you need login information, please contact the Help Desk: (208) 235-3219.

If you already have an Infinite Campus account and are not receiving notifications, please contact your school(s) to verify your contact information and notification settings. Notification options include Infinite Campus Inbox, text, voicemail, and email.

Hawthorne cross-country students lined up before start

Hawthorne students brought home several wins this week in their sporting events. Our Cross-Country teams had their first meet on Wednesday, September 7th, and the 6th-Grade girls took first as a team in their division. Several individual students took home placement wins ranking in the top 8! Our Girls Volleyball teams had great success last night, Thursday, September 8th. The 7th-Grade team won 3 – 0 and the 8th-Grade team won 3 – 2. We are so proud of our athletes and our students. Go Hawks!

District News

Portneuf Health Trust Amphitheatre stage with graduates and parents seated in the audience

Pocatello, Idaho – The Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25 invites the community to join us in congratulating the Class of 2023! This year’s graduation ceremonies will be held at the Portneuf Wellness Complex. The graduation rehearsal and graduation ceremony schedules for each high school are listed below. In many cases, graduation rehearsals and ceremonies will be held on two different dates.

Rehearsal Schedule
Pocatello HS Wednesday, May 31 7:00AM Portneuf Wellness Complex
Highland HS Wednesday, May 31 10:00AM Portneuf Wellness Complex
Century HS Wednesday, May 31 1:00PM Portneuf Wellness Complex
New Horizon HS Wednesday, May 31 4:00PM Portneuf Wellness Complex


Graduation Schedule
New Horizon HS Wednesday, May 31 6:00PM Portneuf Wellness Complex
Pocatello HS Thursday, June 1 10:00AM Portneuf Wellness Complex
Highland HS Thursday, June 1 2:00PM Portneuf Wellness Complex
Century HS Thursday, June 1 6:00PM Portneuf Wellness Complex

Graduation Behavior Protocol

Although ceremonies are held offsite from school grounds, graduation ceremonies are PCSD 25 sanctioned events. As such, all guest and visitor conduct are expected to follow policies as outlined in the School Board Policy Manual.  This includes the prohibition of weapons and tobacco/illegal substances at any PCSD 25 graduation ceremony. For more information about graduation guidelines and behavior expectations, please review

Take Flight You Put the MORE in MORE Together

As the school year winds down, I have reflected a lot on the many accomplishments of our district. We have indeed taken flight this year!

Instructionally, we have learned to adapt in an ever-changing world of technology and yet remain committed to personal learning and interactive experiences. Academically, we strive to meet our learners' needs in our classrooms with engaging, problem solving, critical thinking and collaborative opportunities. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities continue to flourish with numerous district, state, national and academic championships. 

As with any success, these results do not come without the preparation, drive, hard work, passion and dedication of each team member. These values are the foundation of our culture and I am fortunate to be on a team that exhibits these characteristics on a daily basis. 

In the past couple of weeks, it has been affirmed to me that our district truly embraces our motto of "More Together." In our efforts to adjust to a devastating fire, I watched, listened and facilitated multiple meetings in which representatives of administration, the Board of Trustees, Maintenance & Operations, Food Service, Transportation, Technology and a BLT came together to brainstorm ideas for solutions that capitalized on each team member's valuable input to maintain the continuity of learning and activities while making efforts to minimize disruptions. It was obvious through this experience that this type of problem solving happens continually throughout our district. Please know how much each of you are appreciated as you take part in daily discussions that have the same goals in mind. 

It is with admiration and respect that the Board and your district leadership flight team recognize all of your contributions not only this week, but the entire year. And please, enjoy a fun experience with your gift card.

Superintendent Dr. Douglas Howell

#PCSD25 #MoreTogether

Haywire Robotics learners with doctors and staff from Portneuf Medical Center

Haywire Robotics would like to thank Portneuf Medical Center for hosting our team last night.  They spoiled us with dinner and a chance to try out medical robots.  They spent time explaining how the robots are used, the benefits for patients and surgeons, and how robots may assist in the future in surgeries.  They allowed each team member to take control and practice procedures using the DaVinci surgical robots.  A special thank-you to Dr. Peter Jones, Dr. Jorge De Amorim Filho, Jason Corpus, Deb Schneider, Jon Hegstead, Crystal, James Frei, and Meagan Montgomery.  It was an inspirational visit and we will be talking about it for a long time.

Haywire Robotics learner looking in machine
Haywire Robotics learner at the controls of the machine
Haywire Robotics learner controls the machine
Haywire Robotics learners with doctors and staff from Portneuf Medical Center

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