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About Hawthorne Middle School

Our Mission

Hawthorne Middle School is committed to active, reflective, and creative learning. We celebrate the pursuit of lifelong learning, perseverance and hard work, and respect for others. We believe that every student can learn and think independently. Our school community learns how to ask questions, solve problems, and make thoughtful decisions. 

School Information


Principal: Dr. Heidi Kessler   
Asst. Principal: Ms. Debbie Greco

Office Personnel

Attendance Secretary: Brenda Roscher
Principal Secretary: Casey Svensson
Registrar: Janice Hallinan



Important Numbers:

Phone: 208-237-1680
Fax #: 208-237-1682
Hawthorne Middle School
1025 West Eldredge
Pocatello, ID 83201


Grades Taught: 6 - 8 

Approximate School Population: 729

Student/Teacher Ratio: 20:1

Instructional Staff:

Instructional Learning Management System (LMS): Google Classroom

High School Boundaries: Our students, depending on location of residence, feed into Highland High School or into Pocatello High School

Grading Scales

Here at Hawthorne, we use the following grading scale.

Letter Grade = Point Percentage (Grade Points)

A = 90 - 100% (4.0)
B = 80 - 89% (3.0)
C = 70 - 79% (2.0)
D = 60 - 69% (1.0)
F = 59% and lower (0.0)
Students who score an F in their core classes (Math, Science, English) will be required to complete a credit recovery course or attend summer school.

State Report Card