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3 girls standing in the hallway.

3 students in the hallway of Hawthorne

Squirrel in a tree

Squirrel that lives in the trees outside of Hawthorne Middle School. 

3 Yearbook staff boys modeling in the hallway

3 Yearbook students modeling in the hallway


Welcome to Hawthorne Middle School! We are happy to have you here. Here at Hawthorne, we value all learners and encourage them to strive for the best that they can be. We come together as a community to foster learning, responsibility, and integrity. Parents, learners, and staff are all integral parts to a successful academic experience. At this website you will be able to find all things Hawthorne! It is our hope and goal to make this new website usable and contain all information, news, important announcements, and information on all sport activities. If you have any trouble finding anything, please utilize the new "Find it Fast" search function to find information quickly and easily.

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Academically he is thriving. Landon is kind, compassionate, and willing to help his peers. Landon is in leadership and offers "peer tutoring" to my Intervention learners during Flex. He explains the equation, and when the learner gets an answer correct, they do a handshake and celebrate the victory. This has been so special to watch as an educator.

Mrs. Peterson, English Teacher

Students in Jake Reece and Katy Hopkin's health classes created mini-magazines about themselves as they explored the topics of self-esteem, accepting and expressing emotions, and managing stress. "I really liked how we had a choice for what we wanted on every single page.

Brooklyn Winward, grade 6

For more information contact Jake Reece or Katy Hopkins.

I love teaching because it is so satisfying to know I am having an impact on a student's life. I teach math and I love math. I recognize that a lot of students don't love math; however, I am passionate about explaining the concept in a way they can understand and connect it to everyday life. I love teaching students how to think and see their confidence grow as they work through problems. 

Mrs. Winward